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This magnificent Tibetan Mastiff caught dog world’s eye on the telecast Westminster kennel club dog show in Feb 2009 when the enormous but stately Tibetan mastiff received a working group placement, setting a new record for AKC recognized breed.







Chinese original TM in the ancient times enjoyed reputation of roaring-to-sky dogs and pronounced " DoKhyi" in Tibetan dialect, They belong to the dog breed, ranked as the second-class animals under the protection of the law, the national treasure, and one of the rare dogs of world.


Tibetan mastiffs grow in China's Qingzang plateau of 3000-5000 meters high in altitude, , they are generally accepted as the oldest and the rarest dogs in the world, whose characteristic is" as big as donkey, running as swift as tiger, roaring as loud as the lion, with good lion looking". There is the ancient saying of " nine dogs equal to one mastiff ". they are considered as people’s escorted and the protective guard dog. Based on the numerous blood mix of the dog, they played great role as the ancestor of many dogs in large size , and being the unique dog unafraid of wild beast, so Tibetan mastiff also enjoys the reputation of " the world breeding dog" and " divine eastern dog". The earliest record concerning mastiffs can be traced back to 1121 BC., when a race leader in western region of China gave it to the emperor Wu, its name was NGAU. This dog is four Chinese feet high, and was trained to hunt colored-skin mankind. 


To investigate the origin of mastiffs, we have to take into consideration of the ruthless survival environment of Tibetan mastiffs. In history, Tibet was a wide but sparsely populated area, isolated from the outside world for a long time; the local people believe in Tibetan Buddhist doctrine of being kind to others and ahimsa, that is why the wildlife there can multiply greatly, wolf, fox, snow pig, snow leopard …… can be seen everywhere. Tibetan mastiff that lives in this kind of environment is almost in half-wild state, giving them enough opportunities to prey for many wild animals, and to obtain the ample nourishment. Furthermore, frequent appearances of wild beast such as wolf and leopard also make it possible for them to have the important position in people's live because of their ability to fight against the attack from the wild beasts based on their fierce temperament and strong physiques. 


Along with change of time and the change of the history, Tibetan mastiffs distribute now mainly in the large nomad's areas, and fundamental number is decreasing year by year, in addition to the increase of both domestic and international demands, they are faced with a worsening survival crisis. It is estimated that now in the whole world there are about 300,000 mastiffs, but that of pure breed is very rare, the pure-bred mastiff nearly dies out. Let’s join the movement of caring for and protecting mastiffs asap!